Welcome to qpageview!

qpageview provides a page based document viewer widget for Qt5/PyQt5.

It has a flexible architecture potentionally supporting many formats. Currently, it supports SVG documents, images, and, using the Poppler-Qt5 binding, PDF documents.

import qpageview

from PyQt5.Qt import *
a = QApplication([])

v = qpageview.View()



  • Versatile View widget with many optional mixin classes to cater for anything between basic or powerful functionality

  • Rendering in a background thread, with smart priority control, so display of large PDF documents remains fast and smooth

  • Almost infinite zooming thanks to tile-based rendering and caching

  • Magnifier glass

  • Printing functionality, directly to cups or via Qt/QPrinter

  • Can display pages originating from different documents at the same time

  • Can show the difference between pages that are almost the same via color composition

  • And much more! And…all classes are extendable and heavily customizable, so it is easy to inherit and add any functionality you want.

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