• View.strictPagingEnabled always lets PgUp/PgDn scroll a page instead of a screenful

2021-01-07: qpageview 0.6.0

  • added view.View.pages() method (#2)

  • added view.View.setPages() method (inspired by #4)

2020-04-25: qpageview 0.5.1

  • Many documentation updates

  • Add PagerAction.setButtonSymbols()

  • fix flickering mouse cursor on rubberband

  • make it easier to manipulate the edge/corner of the rubberband

2020-04-19: qpageview 0.5.0

Initial release. The qpageview module was developed by me, Wilbert Berendsen, as a replacement of the qpopplerview module inside Frescobaldi, the LilyPond sheet music text editor. I decided that it would be best if qpageview became its own project, to make it easier to use this package in other applications.